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    by Published on 2nd June 2018 12:55 AM

    Create Your Seller Profile and Start Selling on eBid Today

    In today’s digital world, your online profile is your image. Creating an online profile is the first step in introducing yourself and your products to customers. As a seller on eBid, you would want to stand out from other sellers by creating a differentiated profile which succeeds in connecting with your existing and potential customers.

    Seller’s Profile – How to Get Started

    Showcase your profile and products information in this section. Adding complete information enables customers to know more about you as a seller. It enhances your trust factor and potentially drives the customer to take action.

    Company Background – Write a few words about your company’s history, background and unique selling proposition. Doing this, would augment your reliability and create an emotional connect with your customers.

    Seller Logo – A logo creates a unique brand identity in the minds of potential customers. Photographs can also be included here. Avoid including any personal or business contact information to comply with eBid’s policies.

    Listings Running – Are shown automatically. Customers can browse this section to know more about the diversity and number of products being offered for sale and their unique features.

    Account Status – Are shown automatically. Build your reliability as a seller by depicting your account status which can either be a seller or a seller+.

    Seller+ - Sell more and enhance your profile visibility by accessing exclusive service offerings which eBid offers to all Seller+ clients. Unlock all the eBid seller features to your advantage by choosing the seller+ option.

    eBid Buddy Points – Are shown automatically. Earn and get points for referring your friends to eBid’s loyalty program. With your personalized buddy point link, start earning buddy points every time, a visitor clicks on the link and performs a specific action.

    eBid member since – Are shown automatically. Showcase your history on eBid as a seller which increases the reliability of your seller profile.

    Returns and Refund Policy – Clearly lay down the terms and conditions for returns and refunds for the items purchased. Do note that consistently following high service levels will maintain good account status and ensure compliance with eBid’s policies.

    Shipping Policy – Is shown on each of your listings but it is good to emphasis on your profile. Shipping policy comes into effect once a customer places the order. This section clearly states the shipping methods and delivery timelines for the product.

    Payment Details – Enumerate the specific payment methods you accept for all customer orders. Detailed information here helps to clarify various payment options available to the customer.

    FAQs – As a seller, if you are frequently receiving the same queries from your customers, you can add another section on – ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. Adding this section can reduce the number of customer queries. It also lets the customer know more about the product itself.

    Sample Seller Profile

    - Look at this sample seller profile from an eBid regular for ideas and inspiration. cornishmaid1961

    In this information age, knowledge is power which empowers customers.
    Few customers would like to buy from a seller with an incomplete or questionable profile.

    Take the time to ensure that your seller profile is complete. With an authentic and comprehensive profile, a seller comes across as potentially more genuine and dependable. Get on the right footing and create Yours today.
    by Published on 22nd May 2018 04:10 PM

    How to Incorporate Product Variations and Attributes into eBid and Google Shopping

    As a seller, you always strive to make your products stand out from the other products on the market. When we think of the world of e-commerce, gaining visibility is absolutely essential. With a new eBid feature recently released, your products not only gain prominence but so much more.

    We were having frequent queries on how an item could be listed for sale when it has apparent variations like different colors or sizes. Let’s read on to learn how you can add the product attributes and variations to your product listings which then shows up on both on eBid and Google shopping.

    Product Attributes

    Feature: One of our new features is “Product Attributes” which are facts defining your product. They help to identify the exact product you are going to list on eBid. Its primary purpose is to ensure that potential buyers can seek out the perfect product they are willing to buy.

    Product Attributes make the sorting and filtering amongst millions of products much more accessible with only one click. A customer can see the product attributes on the listing details page. They can click and select the exact product they like from the entire product listing.

    Usage: When listing an item for sale you will see the attribute dropdown options in Section One under 'product attributes' if applicable. Click on the product attributes heading and select the ones applicable from the drop-down menu when listing an item. Take care only to choose the relevant attributes.

    Example: Let’s say you are selling a T-shirt in three different colors, select colors as the attribute. If the T-shirt is available in various sizes like small, medium and large, size will be another attribute. The three colors and sizes are called terms of the product attributes. Once you do this, the number of products shows up as more than one due to the attributes present. For CDs, you can add a Genre. For Shoes, Size and Color can be added. For Books, Subject and Book Type (Paperback/Hardback) options are available. For External Hard Drives the Capacity attribute can be included.

    Product Variations

    Feature: Product variations are derived based on the attributes and refer to the different choices a customer has when they wish to make a purchase. In simple terms, product variations give some alternatives to the customers from which they make informed decisions.

    Usage: At the time of listing the product on eBid, go to product attributes, and select the relevant ones. Once this is done, choose the product variations from the drop-down menu and add them to the product profile.

    Example: In the T-shirt example above, variation will be the specific choice which a particular customer may apply while purchasing. It is also the combination of those attribute terms making up the customer choice. So, if a customer wants a medium size T-shirt in white color, this product will show up as available if it has been entered correctly in the product listing. Another customer may want a small T-shirt in red color, which will be another variation and will show up if it is available in the product listing.

    Benefits of Product Attributes and Variations

    eBid is an approved marketplace partner of Google Shopping. Once you list your product on eBid, it gets uploaded to Google shopping within minutes, provided the terms and conditions for the Google listing are satisfied and you are a Seller+ member. Make sure that complete product attribute and variation information is present for the product to show up correctly in eBid database and on Google Shopping searches. With relevant and up-to-date information on all product attributes, online shoppers can easily find you in the Google Shopping searches.

    In Google shopping and eBid - these product variations and attributes help create multiple product models which a potential customer may choose to buy. If product variations and attributes are not used in e-commerce, it can result in a one-size-fits-all approach, which is not possible. Each customer has their own choice and preferences in purchasing a product. Like manufacturers make products with different attributes, a customer also wants differentiations in product variations.

    Tap into the power of Google shopping with your eBid Listing today.

    by Published on 20th October 2017 01:36 AM

    Is your eBid shop ready for Christmas?

    Every shop has given over their last available inch to Christmas stock to maximize sales in this “Golden Quarter” – the last three months of the year when festive purchases are made hand over fist – so it’s time for you to think like the big boys and put the work in now so you can reap the rewards later.

    Catch some early Christmas shoppers.

    For most, it’s easier on the wallet to begin shopping in November, so make sure your eBid shop is Christmas ready now so you don’t lose out on sales. It’s when the majority of the bigger purchases are made, with last-minute and add-on gifts bought in December.

    What to Sell?

    Perhaps you didn’t open that perfume gift set Aunt Barbara gave you last year. How about the Walking Dead DVD box set you’re not brave enough to watch, the jumper that still has the tags on because green isn’t your colour, the juicing machine that just didn’t fit your lifestyle or the duplicate toys your kids got on their birthday. If it’s new and unopened or BNWT (brand new with tags) and can be re-gifted, there’s every possibility someone will be keen to take it off your hands.

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

    A cupboard full of knick-knacks? Let’s think of them more in terms of “collectibles”. People all over the world are searching right now for that sought-after item that can’t be found in a shopping mall to gift wrap at Christmas to make someone smile; thimbles, vintage Disney, an autographed photograph, a vinyl album that brings back memories, old coins, a first edition book…you might think it’s worthless, but after a little bit of research you could be pleasantly surprised at the prices they can fetch.


    In an attempt to fully embrace the festivities of the season, more homes are decorating for Christmas in a big way. A few years ago oversized snowmen and light-up reindeer were only for National Lampoon’s movies, but now it’s not unusual to see homes completely festooned as early as November in an attempt to prolong the Christmas cheer. There are some who people shop for unusual Christmas decorations, baubles, wreaths and garlands all year round, and vintage Christmas decorations have an especially strong niche market.


    Take a look at your existing listings with an objective eye. A few tweaks to your descriptions, keywords, photos and product line can make all the difference – every big retailer makes continual improvements, so start thinking like a buyer and ask if you’ve done all you can. Start with a clear, bright photo taken in natural daylight if possible. Your description should try to pre-empt any questions a buyer might have and cover size and condition – don’t leave room for second thoughts or hesitation as we get closer to the Big Day or your sale might go to someone else.

    The Last Minute

    Check out your country’s Christmas postage cut-off dates so you’re not promising the impossible and also offer expedited delivery services for all those last minute buyers.
    by Published on 5th June 2017 06:30 PM
    Article Preview

    Three Ways to Make Your Listing Grab Attention at eBid

    When you’re listing items for sale at eBid, you’ll discover quite quickly that there are thousands upon thousands of items being posted every day. While you may have a unique item, how do you get the attention it deserves?

    It’s all about marketing.

    No, you might not be a marketer or have any sales experience (or even the desire to become a ‘salesperson’), ...
    by Published on 14th December 2016 06:23 PM

    A Weak Pound Entices USA Shoppers to Buy from eBid UK

    As the European pound continues to get weaker in light of Brexit and other factors, it’s actually creating a boon to certain retailers, most notably in the U.K. There has been a marked jump in purchases from American consumers through the U.K.

    In fact, eBid has seen a recent spike above 30 percent increase in exports from the U.K.

    Many American consumers are finding that in this economy, things aren’t improving as much as their media lets on. With tight finances and rising prices at home, they’re looking elsewhere for good deals. Thanks for the Internet, it has become more effective to shop online for great bargains, no matter where they happen to be.

    On the surface, couldn’t this just be a fluke?

    When the vote for Britain to leave the European Union (EU) was announced last summer, many claimed this would destroy Great Britain and leave it suffering from lack of sales, manufacturing, and fighting against tariffs and other challenges. The opposite seems to be taking shape and the help is coming from the most unlikely source: U.S. and Irish consumers.

    Why more people are looking abroad for better deals.

    The U.S. dollar continues to remain stagnant (some economists believe it has to do with the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates low and printing money every month to hold up the economy) and as the pound drops, it provides people more opportunities to look abroad for better deals.

    In fact, some of the deals people get through cross border bargains far outweighs shipping and export tariffs (taxes) that may be added on as a result. This is driving the forces of consumerism to become more global.

    The growth of UK sales.

    In a season that was anticipated to be volatile, with limited growth, the number of goods sold in the UK increased 7.4 percent in October, in comparison to figures from earlier in the year. This was the fastest growth seen in 14 years.

    Ultimately, this highlights not just the growing importance of online commerce for increasing global reach, but also the impact the dollar and pound will have on consumers’ desires to get the best deals and save the greatest amount of money on their purchases.

    Right now, there’s never been a better time for U.K. sellers -companies and independent sellers alike- to reach a global market, tap into enthusiastic buyers from Ireland, the U.S., and elsewhere all turning to the U.K. for the best bargains. It truly is a win-win for eBid sellers in the U.K. and consumers around the world.
    by Published on 16th November 2016 03:01 PM

    My Defaults

    Every time you set up a listing on eBid, there’s a number of options you’ll have to go through. Some might consider these to be preferences, and they are likely the same things they will select each and every time they post an item for sale.

    The Setup Process

    When you begin the process of listing an item for sale on the eBid Marketplace, you will be met with a fair amount of information that needs to be including, as well as options, such as allowing a ‘Buy Now’ feature, how you’d like a potential buyer to contact you, and more.

    If you have to choose each of these options every time, to sell many of your items, then you could theoretically going through those options again and again.

    The My Defaults page allows you to set up those settings you want to remain consistent throughout your item listing process. When you establish those settings, you will find those options already selecting when you begin listing another item.

    How much time can this potentially save you?

    That depends on two key factors. First, how many items you tend to list on a daily or weekly basis. If you’re only going to be listing one or two items per month, the My Defaults settings can certainly be convenient, but they’re not going to save you a tremendous amount of time.

    If, on the other hand, you’re planning on listing many items on a daily basis, just calculate how long it takes you before you set up the My Defaults section and then again after you rely on this benefit. You’ll likely notice that you save up to a couple of minutes each listing.

    Multiply that by how many items you list in a given day or week and you’ll understand just how beneficial relying on the My Defaults can be.

    What’s in Your My Defaults?

    If you’ve never set this up, then there will be nothing established. If you’re not sure, you may have chosen to add certain selections to your My Defaults page in the past. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to take some time and look into your My Defaults page.

    Spend some time understanding what options are available to you. Once you set it up, remember you can adjust these settings and options to better suit your needs anytime in the future.

    My Defaults is an incredibly valuable feature made available to all eBid sellers.

    Login: My eBid Dashboard > My eBid > My Defaults

    by Published on 4th August 2016 10:43 PM

    Get advice, swap ideas and join in the chat at the eBid forums

    When you’re self-employed or working from home, you don’t have the opportunities your 9-to-5 friends do to sneak off for a gossip with workmates, chat over coffee about the changes in the office or moan about the management at lunch. So, eBid’s Forums are just what you need to get some conversation going and exchange ideas with like-minded people when you’re taking a break from organising your listings or if you need fast help while trying to get some new items up for sale.


    A scroll through many online auction site forums will have newcomers backing off in trepidation, but eBid’s extensive forums will leave you feeling like you’ve joined a friendly bunch of colleagues happy to help the new guy. You might have a question about sending internationally, or how you receive payment after an auction ends – if you don’t see the answer already there, you can be sure someone will help you out.

    eBid of course has a Helpdesk section and a fantastic email support service, with real people who answer your queries instead of sending automated responses, but quite often a quick reply from a fellow seller (or buyer) is just what you need to get you on your way again.

    Swap Tips

    If eBid is a growing source of income for you, you’ll find the forums invaluable as you encounter possible unknown territory with customers, or if you simply fancy swapping tips on where to buy the cheapest bubble wrap for packaging sold orders, or recommendations of the best courier for deliveries. Lots of forum members have been selling on eBid for at least seven years, so you’d be hard pushed to get advice from people who know as much as some of these veterans of the site. You’ll also be able to use the forums as a way of letting off steam and having a laugh with your peers as you would after a day’s work anywhere.

    Make the Leap

    Perhaps you’re unsure about joining eBid, whether to buy or sell, or have a few unanswered questions before you make the leap - the forums are an excellent starting point to gauge the mood and you’ll no doubt be impressed by the remarkably positive and helpful community spirit eBid has garnered, possibly helped by the free listings and incredibly low sales fees.

    There’s even a section where eBid Welcomes your input and suggestions, so if there’s something you think would make it an even better place to buy or sell, be sure to have your say.

    Stop by the eBid forums and make new acquaintances from all over the world as you join in with the topic of the day and exchange some words of friendly advice.

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