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    by Published on 25th April 2018 08:57 AM

    Keys to Buying and Selling Stamps in Today’s Online World

    If you’ve had an interest in philately (the study of stamps, as well as collecting them), you might not know where to begin the process. If you’re thinking about selling stamps because you enjoy the process, there are a few important points to keep in mind about buying and selling stamps.

    There are plenty of ways to buy and sell stamps.

    You can go to a flea market, fair, local shop, clubs, and online to find stamps for sale (and buyers looking for those you have in your collection). More and more shopping online for stamps has become an easy way to build up your collection and over the last 10 years has become the most popular way to buy and sell stamps. eBid has over 700,000 stamps for sale from all corners of the globle Stamps

    Have a clear idea about what types of stamps you want to buy and sell.

    There are so many different categories, including time periods, that you really need to spend some time going through a catalogue and figuring out what interests you most.
    If you start throwing darts at a wall, you’ll hit something, but everyone has their preferences that spark passion and interest. Find out which time period, location, and other aspects are most important to you.

    When buying stamps, check the source.

    It’s a good idea to check the seller's 'All About Me' Page as well as their feedback. Make sure he or she has a solid reputation and someone you can converse with via the Q&A's if you need to ask any questions.

    When selling, be clear on all of the details.

    List the details of the stamps or collection(s) you’re selling. What year was it printed? How many years was it in circulation for? Is it rare? If so, provide supporting evidence of that.
    Be sure to honestly provide a representation of the quality of the stamp. If it’s never been used and stored in a sealed container, it may be mint. If not, it isn’t.

    Ask questions.

    Whether you’re the buyer or seller, ask questions. Don’t hesitate to ask these questions because it’s the one question you don’t ask that can be the difference between you making a great decision and one you regret.

    Stamp collecting, buying, and selling can be a great deal of fun. It doesn’t cost much to get started and when you follow these key tips, you’ll end up enjoying this hobby tremendously for many years to come and make many new friends at eBid.
    by Published on 24th January 2018 02:45 AM

    Smart ways to source products offline to stock your eBid Store

    When you’re looking for new products to sell in your eBid Store, have you ever thought to look close to home? Something that’s found in your locale could be just what a collector in another part of the world is searching for.

    Turn your weekend into a Busman’s Holiday and combine searching for new products with having a bit of fun.

    We give you our Top 5 ways to find something new for your shop.

    1. Vinyl Records

    Vinyl Records. Hunt in the loft, ask your neighbours, go to record fairs, charity shops and get them from friends. Unless they’re in the know, most people think vinyl holds no value, and will be glad to offload it. If you’re very lucky, you’ll come across Madonna’s Erotica picture disc from 1992 worth £2000, but generally, most special editions, picture discs, coloured vinyl, or signed sleeves, especially from big artists command a decent price. Be discerning, do the research and you might find some that will hit the jackpot.

    2. Old photos, postcards and letters

    There’s something incredibly appealing about old photos, postcards and letters. Ever seen those embroidered postcards the soldiers stationed in France during World War II sent back home to their British and American sweethearts and mothers? Old letters – even bills and invoices in beautiful handwriting, and photos capturing everyday life from decades past are collectable as we all love to get a glimpse of the good old days. If you can find any of these in auction job lots or at fairs, there’s a worldwide market for them from collectors and craftspeople.

    3. Factory outlet stores

    If you keep an eye on factory outlet stores, you can scoop up items slashed in price, especially during sale times – from cashmere gloves and scarves to branded cosmetics, there can be lots of room for profit. Look out for the more well-known names as they’ll command a better price for re-sale.

    4. Church jumble sales and fêtes

    Church jumble sales and fêtes can still be a great place to find interesting bric-a-brac for re-sale – especially those in affluent towns and villages where there’s a high population of older residents. Search through tins of jewellery to find sparkly 1950s brooches, look for bone china trios (teacup, saucer and side plate) from renowned makers, big skeleton keys or vintage comics in good condition; hidden among the old toys might be a properly old Sindy or Barbie doll. After a proper rummage sit back and treat yourself to a good cup of tea and some home baking too.

    5. Craft fairs and artisan shops

    Craft fairs and artisan shops can be great places to pick up unique items to re-sell. Find someone’s work you are drawn to and ask if they do trade or wholesale pricing. Smaller craftspeople could be happy to strike up a deal if you buy as little as a six to a dozen items of their novelty candles, handmade baby wear or unusual jewellery, and while the mark-ups
    by Published on 12th November 2017 04:31 PM

    How hard is it to find Greeting Cards?

    Have you been having trouble finding that perfect greeting card?

    Come Christmas and you will want the luxury to choose between Merry Christmas tunes, or to dig deeper for more unusual and even personalized Christmas cards. You might be stuck looking for a greeting card for one of life’s big events, for instance anything to do with babies - that comes in the forms of Personalized Baby Cards, Baby Shower invitations, Christening Invitations and Children’s Cards.

    If any or all of these are the case, then you are definitely in need of a place for finding greeting cards for all occasions.

    General Greeting Cards

    Although general greeting cards like these are readily available at stores, you might be looking for greeting cards with a twist. if you really just want to say hello or “what’s up”, you might have trouble finding the right words to suit your specific needs you may likely be refreshed to come across eBid that offers an alternative.

    Now, as for something truly unique, creative and rather unusual – we’ve arrived at the next frontier of eBid Greeting cards under the Occasions & Seasonal.

    Unique & Unusual Cards

    Do you want to go contemporary or perhaps a little artier? Have you been dreaming along the lines of uniquely designed homemade cards? Wouldn’t we all want to make our greeting cards more personalized by opting for stunning Photographic Cards, Designer cards or an Artisan touch?

    Luckily for greeting card enthusiasts, eBid’s Occasions & Seasonal category makes it easy to find the perfect quirky and unusual greeting cards.
    by Published on 28th September 2017 04:41 PM

    New Parent: Save Money on Baby Essentials With eBid

    If you're expecting a baby soon then I want to offer you congratulations, but I'm sorry to inform you that babies are incredibly expensive! Whether you've been out looking to buy a cot or buy a pram, you'll be amazed at how much everything costs.

    If you have already resigned yourself to spending a fortune on your baby then you will be glad to know that you actually don't have to. There is a great way for you to save money when shopping for your baby essentials which we will tell you about today.

    How To Save Money on Baby Essentials

    As soon as you start shopping for your new baby you'll be shocked at the incredibly high costs. When you are buying a pram you will find that they can cost as much as $1500.00 (£800) and above. It is usually even more expensive if you want to take home all of the little add ons and extras.

    Buying a pram is only one part of the shopping you will need to do before your baby comes along. Even though baby clothes are cheap, buying baby clothes will quickly become an expensive habit! Especially when you notice just how quickly babies grow, never mind how often they are sick on their clothes! You will certainly need a full wardrobe if you want to keep your baby in nice, clean clothes.

    Wherever you look, when there's a baby involved there are a lot of expenses!

    The good news is that you don't have to pay these high prices for everything you need for your baby. If you are buying a pram you can head straight to eBid and find a huge range of baby essentials with over 8000 items listed in eBid US and over 4500 items in eBid UK which people are selling. You'll find everything from prams to car seats to mattresses to nappies!

    You can find everything on eBid for a fraction of the price it would cost you on the high street. This is because as soon as their kids have grown up, parents are usually happy to sell their baby essentials on to other people and get some of money back for them.


    If you are expecting a baby soon then you will already be wondering how you can cut down on some of these unexpected costs. You'll be glad to know that, while you can't get rid of the costs altogether, you can reduce the amount you need to spend.

    If you check out the baby listings on eBid you will be amazed to find how much you can save.

    Whether you're buying a pram or buying a cot, you should head to the baby section of eBid and make those savings today!
    by Published on 13th August 2017 01:02 PM

    Big Name Ceramics: Wedgwood

    One of the largest sub-categories at eBid is our Porcelain, Pottery and Glass categories. Within the Porcelain, Pottery and Glass categories you can drill down into sub categories and found a treasure trove of wonderful items such as Wedgwood. Wedgwood is a fine china, porcelain, and luxury accessories company heralding from the city of Stoke on Trent, in Staffordshire, England. The company was founded 250 years ago in 1759 by Josiah Wedgwood.

    Stoke on Trent: The Potteries

    The six towns that make up Stoke on Trent: Tunstall, Burslem, Hanley, Stoke, Fenton and Longton are known collectively as ‘The Potteries’. The area became synonymous with ceramic production thanks to the natural abundance of clay, salt, lead and coal.

    Wedgwood himself was responsible for the creation of new types of earthenware, like jasperware and basalt, and is regarded as one of the most successful and innovative companies in the area.


    How do you know if you’re paying for a bargain platter or a crummy old teapot?

    1. Spelling
    Beware the spelling mistake! Keep in mind that Wedgwood is spelled without an ‘e’ so any item with the word ‘Wedgwood’ is not true Wedgwood. There is another company that does use the ‘e’ but they are not the ‘real McCoy’.

    2. General ceramic collector advice
    People have all kinds of reasons for buying ceramics. Some folks collect for the aesthetic quality, some for practical reasons, and some canny souls collect with a view to the item going up in value. Whatever your reason for buying, always follow the standard ceramic advice. Keep in mind that any kind of damage or obvious restoration can reduce the value. Also keep in mind that the right item in top condition can command thousands of dollars thanks to the very fragile nature of items in this field.

    3. The Wedgwood mark
    The Wedgwood mark has actually changed a number of times over the years but unless you stumble across an extremely old piece, remember that you need to look for the Wedgwood stamp on the bottom of your piece. Phrases to look out for are: ‘Wedgwood, Made in England’, ‘Wedgwood of Etruria and Barlaston’, and ‘Wedgwood, England’.

    4. Typical designs
    Classic Wedgwood products known and loved around the world are typically pale blue with a raised white image depicting Greek or Roman scenes. These are the pieces to look out for but many other designs are available as well. You could check out the website for more information and details of their archive collection

    Other Names to Watch
    Wedgwood may be one of the most successful ceramics names around, but it’s also worth keeping an eye out for other big names like Royal Doulton, Crown Staffordshire, Minton, and Spode too.


    The Potteries is such an outstanding location for ceramics production and is know so well around the world, that there is a museum dedicated to its history. Along with the numerous factory tours available throughout the towns, the area also welcomes thousands of Chinese and Japanese tourists every year.

    So, when it comes to spotting ceramic items to buy, you could do worse than invest in examples from the Potteries. Above all else, there are some beautiful examples out there, and you will also be buying into a little bit of English history.

    US Porcelain, Pottery and Glass categories:
    UK Porcelain, Pottery and Glass categories:
    by Published on 26th June 2017 01:04 PM
    Article Preview

    How to source profitable products to sell online

    Finding your inventory is not a simple task. It can make or break a store’s early life and, even if you are an established hand, could transform your profit margins for the better. It’s vital to find the right suppliers and, in the age of the internet, simpler than ever.
    by Published on 19th January 2017 04:40 PM
    Article Preview

    Make Money at eBid By Selling The Toys They Don't Want

    When your kids grow older you'll find those lovely toys which gave them so much enjoyment when they were little suddenly don't appeal to them. Your kids will start to find new interests and ditch the cute cuddly toys for computer games. When that happens you'll ...

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