Lefton Green Holly Hollyberry Snack set cup plate 1363 good condition Christmas
Lefton Green Holly Hollyberry Snack set cup plate 1363 good condition Christmas
Lefton Green Holly Hollyberry Snack set cup plate 1363 good condition Christmas
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Lefton Green Holly Hollyberry Snack set cup plate 1363 good condition Christmas

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GREEN HOLLY - snack set - LEFTON
If you like holly berries you will love this GREEN HOLLY  also called HOLLYBERRY SNACK SET made by LEFTON CHINA. They are decorated with a design of green holly and berries. The cup is approximately 2 ½” tall and 3 ¾” across and the plate is approximately 9 ¼” across.
There is a red with gold Lefton label used 1963 - 1985 and the number 1363 is on the bottom of both pieces.
This appears to be in excellent unused condition as I can find no chips, cracks or crazing. I have 3 sets and if all three are purchased at the same time I will send the original box they came in.




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