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Pineapple Crochet Designs edited by Rita Weiss

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Celena Syd and Say (28)


Bland, Missouri, USA

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~*~ Welcome!! ~*~

Hi there!  I'm Sandy and I live in Bland, Missouri.
I have two beautiful little grandbabies, Sydnee and Sayda who live in Providence, NC.  (Picture shown.)  =)

A BIG hobby of mine is to buy the things I want and need at a very discounted price, of course ~ which is where eBid and YOU come in!!  I enjoy shopping from home and saving money!  (Who doesn't?)  I also enjoy "meeting" new people.

Thank You for being a part of my e-Bid experience!

Okay, on to the REAL hobbies of mine...


Crafts are a huge part of my life.  I've been 'crafting' (such as crochet, knitting, sewing clothes to piecing quilts and on and on it goes) for decades.  It brings me great joy and satisfaction to start with 'nothing' and create something handmade and treasured.

* Thanks bunches for stopping by! *
Hope to see you again soon!