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    by Published on 21st August 2018 11:37 AM

    My eBid Area - The Powerful Selling Management Tool

    EBid has crafted a powerful selling tool for all the sellers on the platform

    It's all about ‘My eBid’.

    My eBid is the dashboard exclusively available to the members of eBid. As a member, you can view, manage and operate all the trading activities on current and closed auctions.

    Buyers can view bids made, offers made and brought transactions. While sellers can see bids received, offers received and sold transactions. Feedback and a question and answer section completes it.

    My eBid Features

    Ease of Usage

    The easy user interface is the norm here. Clearly labelled sections enable you to navigate my eBid area and find what you are looking for conveniently.
    Consistency in regulations is great for sellers as they get sufficient time to understand the changes and implement them.

    Flexibility of Operations

    Sellers manage the eBid store in their personalized style by viewing and managing the product listings, images and the other features like social media. In case they want more information or support, customer service is available and easily accessible from my eBid dashboard itself.

    Enhanced Bottomline

    Every seller knows that profit is revenue minus selling fees.

    With a friendly fees structure at eBid, zero listing fees makes sure that you make profits faster than other auction sites.

    The final fee value also has a maximum cap which puts a limit on the fees that you will have to pay. With this feature, you are always in control of your payouts and can plan your profit margins accordingly.

    Visibility Channels

    The most powerful feature of my eBid has to be the Google listings.

    As a seller, you would be on the lookout for displaying your products in as many places as possible. Higher visibility can lead to higher sales. All the products listings are available on Google Shopping too. As per recent research, Google Shopping’ share is 82% of the retail search ad spend in the UK alone, which led to almost 89% of the total clicks.

    Product listings can also be shared in your social media accounts to gain more traffic and consequently more leads.

    Seller Plus Account

    The coveted seller plus account gives you access to topnotch selling features not available to standard sellers.

    Automatic bidding is available for your products. You can also strategically place ‘buy-now’ buttons on your product listing page to create the sales funnel effectively. This is a great way to save time and effort for the buyers who want the product immediately.

    Go ahead and attract a higher number of visitors to your product listings with the Seller Plus account.

    Page Views Option

    Use the page views link to check views of each product listing. The same section also lists the buyer feedback. The feedback mechanism and page views option are good ways of understanding the credibility of the other party before entering into any new auctions or transactions.

    Listing Options

    Suitable sized and high-quality images can be added to product listings. Feature listing is another option. which enables you to uniquely showcase your product listing attract more eyeballs. Differentiate your product and listing style by using images, text and formatting of your auction page.

    eBid has a massive user base. It’s time to develop strategies and utilize the selling tools you have in an efficient manner to smartly to improve your business’ bottom-line.

    My eBid dashboard is quite literally, a seller’s best friend.

    Discover the incredible features and functionalities offered by my eBid today and grow your business.
    by Published on 7th August 2018 09:31 PM
    Article Preview

    4,075,863 Live Listings
    24,413 Categories
    $3,382,925,394 Gross Listing Value

    Welcome to eBid August 2018 Newsletter

    News from Gazza

    It's been a scorching month here at eBid, the temperature has been hitting extremes and eBid as a whole has been busy, busy, busy. Sales are up over 25% compared to the same period last year.

    After quite a few requests we've added details of offers made/received to the After Sale Log (ASL) area. Until now when a sale was made via "Make an Offer" (MaO) the details of the offer were only available if you made a separate ...
    by Published on 18th July 2018 02:06 PM

    Keeping the Costs Down with Ebid

    Growing an online business is a major goal of every online entrepreneur. Business growth can be challenging and comes with its own costs.

    Selling online comes with its complexities and needs to be evaluated. Selling online is a strategy that has to be done in a planned manner. Just making a profile on an online marketplace, posting products images, description and its price is not a guaranteed route to get sales and make money.

    Let’s read on to see the best hacks to craft a winning and profitable strategy for online sales.

    Fees and Pricing on Different Marketplaces

    For sellers to be profitable in an online marketplace, many factors are to be considered. Each online marketplace has its own fees structure based on the services provided to sellers which can eat into profits.

    Fee per month

    Some marketplaces have a monthly fee to be paid by the seller just to be featured on that particular marketplace. This fee amount has to be paid whether or not you make any sales in the month. Some online marketplaces have a free account with basic features and advanced accounts with more specialized selling tools and features.

    Why Choose eBid: The basic seller account is free so that’s a great place to start with for a seller. To get more advanced features and selling tools consider upgrading to the Seller+ recurring or, Lifetime. With Seller+ Lifetime you have the option to pay a onetime fee with no monthly payments.

    Fee per sale

    Every marketplace has a fee to be paid on every sale transaction. Some marketplaces charge a percentage of the sale and others having flat fees per sale. Some of our competitors have a very stiff fee per sale up to 10%+ a month. It is a massive payout. Remember this is in addition to the fee per month which you are already paying. The fee per sale is applicable on the product price plus its shipping costs.

    Why Choose eBid: Sellers pay 3% on sale price in the basic seller profile and an extremely reasonable 0-2% on sale price in the Seller+ account.

    Fee per listing

    Sellers pay fees for every product listed on a few marketplaces. Whether a product is sold or not, the listing fee has to be paid. It is also known as insertion fees and can range from $0.10 to $0.30 per product.

    Why Choose eBid: Sellers on eBid pay zero listing fees unless they opt for featured listings.

    Achieving Online Business Profitability

    In any competitor marketplace, such fees can quickly eat into the selling overheads and may leave little money in your pocket once the transaction is complete.

    Another marketplace has even raised the final fees by a whopping 4 percentage points for all items sold by a seller which is not matching the expected performance standards of the marketplace.

    eBid is ready to serve you with its consistent and reasonable fees structure which has been maintained for 15 years.
    Keeping costs low on the eBid platform is an excellent way of managing your overhead costs and making sure that your profit margins are maintained.

    Register US
    Register UK
    Register South America
    Register Asia
    Register Oceania
    by Published on 3rd July 2018 02:00 PM
    Article Preview

    4,156,406 Live Listings
    24,413 Categories
    $3,515,716,693 Gross Listing Value

    Welcome to our July 2018 Newsletter

    News from Gazza

    As the World Cup hots up with the end of the group stages so does the weather, we hope you are all keeping cool and enjoying the great matches coming out of Russia. We've got some great signed game worn shirts from the official US Soccer teams that are ending very shortly if you wish to make a bid. See the section below.

    We're proud to announce eBid has been given the BEST VALUE ONLINE AUCTION accolade for 2018. ...
    by Published on 22nd June 2018 07:47 PM

    User Support Options at eBid

    As an eBid user, a number of questions may crop up in your mind at different times. We make sure that you find the right answers quickly to resolve the query.

    At eBid, we understand that each user is different. That is precisely the reason; we have diverse user support options available to help you.

    Helpdesk and Forums are two different query resolution methods available on the eBid website. Helpdesk is a comprehensive list of questions and their answers compiled for the benefit of users. They are curated and posted by eBid to guide users.
    Forum is a community of eBid users where veteran users guide other users to resolve their queries. eBid just moderates the questions and answers to ensure that the Forum stays true to its purpose. Mailing your query to the eBid team is also available for minor updates and adjustments as needed for your eBid account.

    Stay in control of the query resolution process and do-it-yourself with the comprehensive and relevant support options of Helpdesk and Forum.

    Let’s check out the specific features of Helpdesk and Forum and how that can help you.


    Helpdesk is a useful collection of frequently asked user questions with their simple answers. This section has been developed primarily to help resolve all our user queries in a simple and straightforward manner.

    The Helpdesk section is kept current and up-to-date and has a comprehensive set of questions. Use the Google custom search option on the Helpdesk page to ensure that the most relevant answers come up.

    The eBid Helpdesk has a list of questions which have been displayed process wise for better clarity. The various process sections include:

    • Registration, Password Problems, Upgrading and Logging in
    • Starting Listings, Selling & eBid Stores
    • Bidding, Buying & Finding Auctions
    • My eBid Auction HQ
    • After the Auction Closes & Making Payments
    • Fees and Charges
    • User Feedback and Ratings
    • Fraud Prevention and Resolution
    • PPPay.com Instant & Escrow Payments
    • Buddy Points, Buddy Auctions & eBid Affiliate Program
    • eBid & Social Networks


    Have a question you couldn’t find in Helpdesk?

    Maybe you want to know more about eBid’s process from a veteran or get feedback on your eBid promotion strategy?

    The eBid forum is your community.

    A place where you and other users come together to communicate information, share ideas and gain insights into your products. Great for both new and veteran users of eBid, Forum is a community which you should join.

    If you have a query which is not within the scope of the Helpdesk, you can go ahead and ask it in the Forum.

    Build a social bond with other users by sharing your knowledge, asking questions and mentoring the newer users of the community. Get fresh perspectives on your questions, situations while learning new things and making new friends.

    Veteran eBid users share their experience, knowledge and are willing to mentor the newer members of the tribe. Make new friends and share your experience working in the wonderful world of eBid. Share your experiences with other eBid users on the same journey.
    In fact, a lot of eBid users have a misconception that only technical questions can be asked on Forums. But guess what? That’s only partially true.
    Any question related to eBid, selling, product, the process of eBid, Google shopping can be asked on the eBid Forum. Ranging from a simple question to far-reaching analytical questions, you can find them all on the Forum.

    The Last Word

    Increase the efficiency of your eBid business by using the immensely useful Helpdesk and Forum to get answers to all your questions. Self-service is the perfect solution to your needs and wants. Engage with your fellow eBid users and grow your knowledge and social circle, both at the same time.

    Get all your answers whenever you want them.
    Happy Selling!
    by Published on 2nd June 2018 12:55 AM

    Create Your Seller Profile and Start Selling on eBid Today

    In today’s digital world, your online profile is your image. Creating an online profile is the first step in introducing yourself and your products to customers. As a seller on eBid, you would want to stand out from other sellers by creating a differentiated profile which succeeds in connecting with your existing and potential customers.

    Seller’s Profile – How to Get Started

    Showcase your profile and products information in this section. Adding complete information enables customers to know more about you as a seller. It enhances your trust factor and potentially drives the customer to take action.

    Company Background – Write a few words about your company’s history, background and unique selling proposition. Doing this, would augment your reliability and create an emotional connect with your customers.

    Seller Logo – A logo creates a unique brand identity in the minds of potential customers. Photographs can also be included here. Avoid including any personal or business contact information to comply with eBid’s policies.

    Listings Running – Are shown automatically. Customers can browse this section to know more about the diversity and number of products being offered for sale and their unique features.

    Account Status – Are shown automatically. Build your reliability as a seller by depicting your account status which can either be a seller or a seller+.

    Seller+ - Sell more and enhance your profile visibility by accessing exclusive service offerings which eBid offers to all Seller+ clients. Unlock all the eBid seller features to your advantage by choosing the seller+ option.

    eBid Buddy Points – Are shown automatically. Earn and get points for referring your friends to eBid’s loyalty program. With your personalized buddy point link, start earning buddy points every time, a visitor clicks on the link and performs a specific action.

    eBid member since – Are shown automatically. Showcase your history on eBid as a seller which increases the reliability of your seller profile.

    Returns and Refund Policy – Clearly lay down the terms and conditions for returns and refunds for the items purchased. Do note that consistently following high service levels will maintain good account status and ensure compliance with eBid’s policies.

    Shipping Policy – Is shown on each of your listings but it is good to emphasis on your profile. Shipping policy comes into effect once a customer places the order. This section clearly states the shipping methods and delivery timelines for the product.

    Payment Details – Enumerate the specific payment methods you accept for all customer orders. Detailed information here helps to clarify various payment options available to the customer.

    FAQs – As a seller, if you are frequently receiving the same queries from your customers, you can add another section on – ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. Adding this section can reduce the number of customer queries. It also lets the customer know more about the product itself.

    Sample Seller Profile

    - Look at this sample seller profile from an eBid regular for ideas and inspiration. cornishmaid1961

    In this information age, knowledge is power which empowers customers.
    Few customers would like to buy from a seller with an incomplete or questionable profile.

    Take the time to ensure that your seller profile is complete. With an authentic and comprehensive profile, a seller comes across as potentially more genuine and dependable. Get on the right footing and create Yours today.
    by Published on 31st May 2018 04:24 PM

    4,101,011 Live Listings
    24,413 Categories
    $3,553,471,445 Gross Listing Value

    Welcome to the eBid June 2018 Newsletter

    News from Gazza

    A warm welcome to our June newsletter. As spring gradually changes to summer, here in the UK we have witnessed some mesmeric lightning storms over the last few days. I'm glad to say eBid didn't take a hit so our 99.9% up-time this month has been maintained. The only downtime was a few seconds to place our GDPR site updates live. The areas affected are our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, we've added clearer explanations of how we handle your data. We are always proud to say eBid has never and never will sell any personal data to third parties, we have always given all our users full control over which messages they receive from us in our "My eBid > My Emails" section. Even this newsletter can be unsubscribed from with a single click at the bottom.

    Those of you who use our mobile app a lot will have noticed a reduction in in-app notices you were receiving during May, this was a technical issue with our push provider that has now been rectified. We would advise all our app users to just logout and then login to the app again to ensure you are correctly registered for those notifications which come in very handy when you are not near your email. Don't forget, in order to receive these notifications of sales, offers, bids and Q&A you will need to have permitted them when you first installed the app. If you declined by mistake when installing the app just head to your SETTINGS > NOTIFICATIONS area on your phone or tablet and find the eBid app, just switch them on there.

    A few more changes to the eBid website have been made including a top level category list on the homepage, this has been requested by quite a few eBidders recently. The full category list has always been available under the START SHOPPING button but adding it to the homepage should help a few newcomers out.

    Bing Shopping is currently sending us thousands of new shoppers per week and promoting your listings via hundreds of thousands of ad impressions on Bing.com and their partner websites. Bing Shopping uploads are still in Beta and are available to all SELLER+ Lifetime users in the UK and US.
    Upgrade today to SELLER+ Lifetime status here and take advantage of our half price newsletter discount.
    SELLER+ Lifetime

    At eBid our main aim is always to give you a great value trading platform. One of the ways in which we are able to pay for all the promotional costs we incur are the banners we show on our website. We understand that ads on a website can be an annoyance and ad-blockers are becoming more and more prominent, but to help keep eBid costs at their current low levels we do ask that you whitelist "eBid.net" in your ad-blocker to allow us to show you ads while you are on our website and to allow you to follow any ads that may be of interest to you. Don't forget, every single penny we receive from on-site ads is put straight into our advertising budget to promote your listings.

    Updates this month :

    BUGFIX - Small thumbnails were being used instead of large photos when importing from other marketplaces
    UPDATE - eBid Spreadsheet upload GALLERY listings referring to images that should be in the zip file which are not present will now error out instead of being started as FREE listings
    UPDATE - Improved homepage for smaller screen layouts
    UPDATE - Improved My Bulk Edit confirmation messages when zero items added to bucket
    UPDATE - Mass-repost/Mass-delete confirmation page improved to highlight errors more
    UPDATE - My eBid > Dashboard > Q&A > Recent Answers ... added button to add more replies to a question that was asked to you ... and .. added button to ask a follow-up question to an answer you have just received
    BUGFIX - eBid Store top level pages were not showing category in header
    BUGFIX - Calculated Shipping imports that included Local Pickup were not being accepted
    BUGFIX - Register link added to footer of mobile forums pages

    Competition Time

    Last Newsletter's Question :

    What is the abbreviation for the new EU regulations on data protection?

    a) GPRS
    b) GDPR
    c) USSR

    The correct answer was (b) GDPR.

    Congratulations to eBidder SupaSavers from Powys, UK. Your goodybag prize will be on its way very shortly.

    This Month's Question :

    What is the action you can take on ad-blocker software to help eBid promote listings more on Google and Bing Shopping engines?

    a) Bluelist ebid.net?
    b) Blacklist ebid.net?
    c) Whitelist ebid.net?

    To enter send us :

    Answer to the competition question
    Your eBid username
    Name and address for sending out any prizes

    Incomplete entries will be automatically deleted. Closing date 20th June 2018. Email answers to competitions @ ebid.net
    by Published on 22nd May 2018 04:10 PM

    How to Incorporate Product Variations and Attributes into eBid and Google Shopping

    As a seller, you always strive to make your products stand out from the other products on the market. When we think of the world of e-commerce, gaining visibility is absolutely essential. With a new eBid feature recently released, your products not only gain prominence but so much more.

    We were having frequent queries on how an item could be listed for sale when it has apparent variations like different colors or sizes. Let’s read on to learn how you can add the product attributes and variations to your product listings which then shows up on both on eBid and Google shopping.

    Product Attributes

    Feature: One of our new features is “Product Attributes” which are facts defining your product. They help to identify the exact product you are going to list on eBid. Its primary purpose is to ensure that potential buyers can seek out the perfect product they are willing to buy.

    Product Attributes make the sorting and filtering amongst millions of products much more accessible with only one click. A customer can see the product attributes on the listing details page. They can click and select the exact product they like from the entire product listing.

    Usage: When listing an item for sale you will see the attribute dropdown options in Section One under 'product attributes' if applicable. Click on the product attributes heading and select the ones applicable from the drop-down menu when listing an item. Take care only to choose the relevant attributes.

    Example: Let’s say you are selling a T-shirt in three different colors, select colors as the attribute. If the T-shirt is available in various sizes like small, medium and large, size will be another attribute. The three colors and sizes are called terms of the product attributes. Once you do this, the number of products shows up as more than one due to the attributes present. For CDs, you can add a Genre. For Shoes, Size and Color can be added. For Books, Subject and Book Type (Paperback/Hardback) options are available. For External Hard Drives the Capacity attribute can be included.

    Product Variations

    Feature: Product variations are derived based on the attributes and refer to the different choices a customer has when they wish to make a purchase. In simple terms, product variations give some alternatives to the customers from which they make informed decisions.

    Usage: At the time of listing the product on eBid, go to product attributes, and select the relevant ones. Once this is done, choose the product variations from the drop-down menu and add them to the product profile.

    Example: In the T-shirt example above, variation will be the specific choice which a particular customer may apply while purchasing. It is also the combination of those attribute terms making up the customer choice. So, if a customer wants a medium size T-shirt in white color, this product will show up as available if it has been entered correctly in the product listing. Another customer may want a small T-shirt in red color, which will be another variation and will show up if it is available in the product listing.

    Benefits of Product Attributes and Variations

    eBid is an approved marketplace partner of Google Shopping. Once you list your product on eBid, it gets uploaded to Google shopping within minutes, provided the terms and conditions for the Google listing are satisfied and you are a Seller+ member. Make sure that complete product attribute and variation information is present for the product to show up correctly in eBid database and on Google Shopping searches. With relevant and up-to-date information on all product attributes, online shoppers can easily find you in the Google Shopping searches.

    In Google shopping and eBid - these product variations and attributes help create multiple product models which a potential customer may choose to buy. If product variations and attributes are not used in e-commerce, it can result in a one-size-fits-all approach, which is not possible. Each customer has their own choice and preferences in purchasing a product. Like manufacturers make products with different attributes, a customer also wants differentiations in product variations.

    Tap into the power of Google shopping with your eBid Listing today.

    by Published on 11th May 2018 04:19 PM

    3,810,492 Live Listings
    24,413 Categories
    $3,347,032,788 Gross Listing Value

    eBid May 2018 Newsletter

    News from Gazza

    A warm welcome to our latest newsletter offering. First off I would like to say a huge thank you to the beta testers who have been helping us out with our brand new product variation system. We've been adding more and more product attributes over the last month and are pleased to announce that nearly everything has gone to plan. More and more of your favourite categories will continue to be enhanced over the coming weeks and months, if you have a category you would like to see upgraded sooner then let us know.

    Some enhancements to our website have just been uploaded, a few design and layout improvements that we hope you like. eBid users who have larger screens (monitors or laptops of 1080p or more) and also those of the smaller variety (mobile phones) will see the biggest differences. More real estate is now used on larger screens bringing with it more search results and bigger photos. We've added an automatic redirect to your own country's homepage when entering the www.ebid.net URL now, skipping the extra click. Changing countries can now be done via the top right-hand corner.
    As mobile use is increasing every day we have been spending a lot of time improving the eBid mobile website, making it smoother, faster, easier to view and also focusing on ease of use when using touch instead of pointer or mouse. Point your phone's browser to https://www.ebid.net/uk/ and check it out for yourself.

    April saw us introduce the latest version of the eBid Ninja Lister (v2.13). If you are one of its users then make sure you update to the latest version, there are some speed improvements and also some fixes for importing from Amazon data files.

    Over the years we have sent out thousands of eBid t-shirts to our SELLER+ Lifetime subscribers, we hope you liked them and wear them with pride when you can. From this month onwards we will be swapping our free gift from an eBid t-shirt to an eBid cap. Just sign up to our Lifetime offer (follow the link near the top of this email to get yourself a discount) and we'll get one off to you asap.

    More and more people are making use of the eBid API to handle their sales on eBid, thousands of new listings are started everyday and even more current listings are updated with prices and quantities. Many thanks to everyone who has helped us get it running as smooth as silk. Anyone interested can head over to our developer centre at https://ebid.3scale.net to find out more.

    Privacy Changes and GDPR

    You've probably been receiving a few emails from other online platforms referring to the new EU rules and regulations that are coming into play later this month. At eBid, we strive to make our policies in relation to privacy as clear and transparent as possible. As part of this commitment, we'll be updating our Terms and Conditions and also our Privacy Policy to handle the change that will be coming into effect on May 25, 2018.

    The main gist of the changes provide a clearer understanding how we communicate with you, what information we collect from you, why we collect it, how we use and store it, and when and with whom we share it. We are also adding the ability to access, download, and request deletion of your personal information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    Competition Time

    Last Newsletter's Question :

    Which new addition to eBid allows you to sell multiple versions of a similar product under a single listing?

    a) Product Attributes
    b) Product Variations
    c) Bing Shopping Uploads

    The correct answer was (b) Product Variations.

    Congratulations to eBidder RadioRockStar54 from TN, USA

    Now for this month's question :

    Which is the abbreviation for the new EU regulations on data protection?

    a) GPRS
    b) GDPR
    c) USSR

    To enter send us :
    Answer to the competition question
    Your eBid username
    Name and address for sending out any prizes
    Incomplete entries will be automatically deleted. Closing date 20th May 2018. Email answers to [email protected]

    Until next month,
    Gazza & Mark
    by Published on 25th April 2018 08:57 AM

    Keys to Buying and Selling Stamps in Today’s Online World

    If you’ve had an interest in philately (the study of stamps, as well as collecting them), you might not know where to begin the process. If you’re thinking about selling stamps because you enjoy the process, there are a few important points to keep in mind about buying and selling stamps.

    There are plenty of ways to buy and sell stamps.

    You can go to a flea market, fair, local shop, clubs, and online to find stamps for sale (and buyers looking for those you have in your collection). More and more shopping online for stamps has become an easy way to build up your collection and over the last 10 years has become the most popular way to buy and sell stamps. eBid has over 700,000 stamps for sale from all corners of the globle Stamps

    Have a clear idea about what types of stamps you want to buy and sell.

    There are so many different categories, including time periods, that you really need to spend some time going through a catalogue and figuring out what interests you most.
    If you start throwing darts at a wall, you’ll hit something, but everyone has their preferences that spark passion and interest. Find out which time period, location, and other aspects are most important to you.

    When buying stamps, check the source.

    It’s a good idea to check the seller's 'All About Me' Page as well as their feedback. Make sure he or she has a solid reputation and someone you can converse with via the Q&A's if you need to ask any questions.

    When selling, be clear on all of the details.

    List the details of the stamps or collection(s) you’re selling. What year was it printed? How many years was it in circulation for? Is it rare? If so, provide supporting evidence of that.
    Be sure to honestly provide a representation of the quality of the stamp. If it’s never been used and stored in a sealed container, it may be mint. If not, it isn’t.

    Ask questions.

    Whether you’re the buyer or seller, ask questions. Don’t hesitate to ask these questions because it’s the one question you don’t ask that can be the difference between you making a great decision and one you regret.

    Stamp collecting, buying, and selling can be a great deal of fun. It doesn’t cost much to get started and when you follow these key tips, you’ll end up enjoying this hobby tremendously for many years to come and make many new friends at eBid.
    by Published on 24th January 2018 02:45 AM

    Smart ways to source products offline to stock your eBid Store

    When you’re looking for new products to sell in your eBid Store, have you ever thought to look close to home? Something that’s found in your locale could be just what a collector in another part of the world is searching for.

    Turn your weekend into a Busman’s Holiday and combine searching for new products with having a bit of fun.

    We give you our Top 5 ways to find something new for your shop.

    1. Vinyl Records

    Vinyl Records. Hunt in the loft, ask your neighbours, go to record fairs, charity shops and get them from friends. Unless they’re in the know, most people think vinyl holds no value, and will be glad to offload it. If you’re very lucky, you’ll come across Madonna’s Erotica picture disc from 1992 worth £2000, but generally, most special editions, picture discs, coloured vinyl, or signed sleeves, especially from big artists command a decent price. Be discerning, do the research and you might find some that will hit the jackpot.

    2. Old photos, postcards and letters

    There’s something incredibly appealing about old photos, postcards and letters. Ever seen those embroidered postcards the soldiers stationed in France during World War II sent back home to their British and American sweethearts and mothers? Old letters – even bills and invoices in beautiful handwriting, and photos capturing everyday life from decades past are collectable as we all love to get a glimpse of the good old days. If you can find any of these in auction job lots or at fairs, there’s a worldwide market for them from collectors and craftspeople.

    3. Factory outlet stores

    If you keep an eye on factory outlet stores, you can scoop up items slashed in price, especially during sale times – from cashmere gloves and scarves to branded cosmetics, there can be lots of room for profit. Look out for the more well-known names as they’ll command a better price for re-sale.

    4. Church jumble sales and fêtes

    Church jumble sales and fêtes can still be a great place to find interesting bric-a-brac for re-sale – especially those in affluent towns and villages where there’s a high population of older residents. Search through tins of jewellery to find sparkly 1950s brooches, look for bone china trios (teacup, saucer and side plate) from renowned makers, big skeleton keys or vintage comics in good condition; hidden among the old toys might be a properly old Sindy or Barbie doll. After a proper rummage sit back and treat yourself to a good cup of tea and some home baking too.

    5. Craft fairs and artisan shops

    Craft fairs and artisan shops can be great places to pick up unique items to re-sell. Find someone’s work you are drawn to and ask if they do trade or wholesale pricing. Smaller craftspeople could be happy to strike up a deal if you buy as little as a six to a dozen items of their novelty candles, handmade baby wear or unusual jewellery, and while the mark-ups
    by Published on 12th November 2017 04:31 PM

    How hard is it to find Greeting Cards?

    Have you been having trouble finding that perfect greeting card?

    Come Christmas and you will want the luxury to choose between Merry Christmas tunes, or to dig deeper for more unusual and even personalized Christmas cards. You might be stuck looking for a greeting card for one of life’s big events, for instance anything to do with babies - that comes in the forms of Personalized Baby Cards, Baby Shower invitations, Christening Invitations and Children’s Cards.

    If any or all of these are the case, then you are definitely in need of a place for finding greeting cards for all occasions.

    General Greeting Cards

    Although general greeting cards like these are readily available at stores, you might be looking for greeting cards with a twist. if you really just want to say hello or “what’s up”, you might have trouble finding the right words to suit your specific needs you may likely be refreshed to come across eBid that offers an alternative.

    Now, as for something truly unique, creative and rather unusual – we’ve arrived at the next frontier of eBid Greeting cards under the Occasions & Seasonal.

    Unique & Unusual Cards

    Do you want to go contemporary or perhaps a little artier? Have you been dreaming along the lines of uniquely designed homemade cards? Wouldn’t we all want to make our greeting cards more personalized by opting for stunning Photographic Cards, Designer cards or an Artisan touch?

    Luckily for greeting card enthusiasts, eBid’s Occasions & Seasonal category makes it easy to find the perfect quirky and unusual greeting cards.

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